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Looking in the mirror

Mirror: Hey your Cute

Me: Really?

Mirror: haha No Look At That Huge Pimple on you cheek

Mirror: Mwhaahha

Mirror: I’m sorry, it’s really not that noticeable

Me: Thank God

Mirror: Just Kidding Haha , I can see that from two planets away

Mirror: oh god look at your hair , it’s horrible

Me: *fixes hair*

Mirror: Ok now maybe your ready for Instagram

Me: *takes out phone*

Mirror: Just playing , you skin looks blotchy.

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Me: Front Camera Work.

Front Camera: No

Me: Please.

Me: But I Need To Take A Selfie.

Front Camera : I Don’t Care .

Me: Pretty Please.

Me: Pleaase.

Front Camera: No Bye.

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Me and @mistercap
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